Looking for anything to do with landscaping, the garden or basic hardware?

Try Burnetts…

Burnetts what?

Burnetts on Barney, as well as Burnett Trees.

Don’t Burnetts just do trees?

Burnett Trees is their tree care business, that’s been going for 16 years. That hasn’t changed. They still do tree care, pruning, removals, stump grinding etc but they moved the business from Jamberoo to the new site in Barney St, Kiama.

Is Andrew still the tree man?

Yes, absolutely.  But Burnetts on Barney is their landscaping hub and garden centre. Same spot in Barney Street. Both businesses are still run by Andrew and Elizabeth Burnett but there’s other local staff who work with them.

I heard they have hardware now?

Yes, since Mitre 10 closed in Kiama it was definitely needed because tradies and homeowners don’t want to leave town for their day-to-day hardware.

What have they got?

Too much to list probably but everything from nuts and bolts to bugle screws and there’re reo mesh and ag pipe; there’s lots of gear for plumbers, landscapers, builders . There’s also some tools and odd things like pool chlorine and salt, line marking paints, brick cleaning acid, gas bottles for the barbie as well as special ones for welding and oxygen etc.

And key cutting?

Yes, they are the only place in Kiama you can get a key cut now so that’s worth remembering. And Wayne from Mitre 10 works there so he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to hardware.

What about plants? Someone said they have a nursery?

Yes, the Nursery has been open for more than two years now and it’s bigger than you’d think. There are lots of plants just right for growing in this area, from old fashioned cottage garden flowers to landscaping hedge plants, natives, roses, trees, etc. Oh, and heaps of veggies and herbs and potted colour.

But can they help me with my garden problems?

Yes, there are three horticulturists who work there and they also stock everything from fertilisers and weed sprays to gardening equipment and even irrigation stuff.

…and all sorts of bagged potting mixes, sugar cane mulch, pea straw and that sort of gardening stuff. And they’ll get things in for you if you have a special request. And there’s lots of pots and pretties for gifts that last longer than a bunch of flowers and they have gift vouchers for hard to buy for gardeners.

Oh, and hay too. They even sell A grade Lucerne hay for horses as well as straw for your roses and pea straw or sugar cane mulch for your vegie garden. They’ve even got a range of chook food too which is handy to know because you can’t get that anywhere close now either since CRT closed in Jamberoo. That’s why they’ve also got fencing gear and odd things like snake repellents.

Are they open every day?

Monday to Friday they’re open 7am to 4.30pm and on Saturdays until 4pm. We’re closed on Sundays and Public Holidays (to work in our gardens of course!)

And where is it again?

In Barney Street – get it, Burnetts On Barney – in the old quarry that used to be McMahons.

Wasn’t that the old Council dog pound site?

Yes, but now you’re going back a long while. You can duck up Thompson St from the Woolies roundabout and then into Irvine and down Barney and in on the right. But if you’re bringing a truck you’d turn up the hill at the Manning St and Barney St roundabout and then it’s up the hill and on the left. You’ll see the signs. And there’s heaps of parking which makes it easy.

So what sort of landscaping products?

All sorts of sands, blue metals, cements etc for building and then soils, composts, mulches, pebbles, granites etc for the garden.

Good soils?

Yes, they’re right into that sort of stuff so they only stock Soilco soils and there’s five different sorts depending on whether it’s for your vegie garden, a native garden or top dressing. Oh, they sell compost and JamberooMooPoo too. Plus rolls of turf – kikuyu and palmetto buffalo – and there’s a turf underlay soil just for that.

And the mulch, is it just the Burnett Trees mulch?

Well, there’s plenty of that and it’s pretty good value but there’s another four sorts of mulch too.

Is it all just bulk or can I get a bag or two?

Both, and you can drive in and pick up easily because there’s plenty of room or they deliver anywhere you want. There’s big and little trucks to suit all size spots.

What about firewood?

Yes, of course, they make the most of the trees they prune or cut down by recycling all the hardwood into good burning wood which they dry for a couple of years so that it burns well. Well, that’s good to remember for next winter. Yeah, or even for camping and for the firepit because it’s even in bags if you want.

Is it a blokezone?

Not really, all sorts of tradies and homeowners go there and there are both men and women who work there too.