It’s DIY time at Burnetts on Barney

Are you running out of excuses for putting off those running repairs around the house? It’s too cold. It’s going to rain. I’ve got a sore back. Sound familiar?

Here at Burnetts on Barney we’ve heard them all. One of our favourites is, “I don’t have the right tools.” That’s why we’ve invested in our hardware section to make sure we have all the essentials on hand for the home handy person.

From garden tools to nuts and bolts to bugle screws we’ve got what you need to get your next project underway. For the bigger projects, there’s reo mesh and ag pipe and lots of gear for wannabe plumbers, landscapers and builders.

Stop making excuses and get down to Burnetts on Barney. After all, a good tradesman never blames his tools.

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