Getting your garden started

Spring is a great time to start growing and digging but your planning should have started well before you turn over your first sod.

Are you planting a vegie, herb or flower garden? Perennials or annuals? Maybe, you are thinking of a mixture of all the above?

Whatever you decide, it’s best to start of small if it’s your first garden. The first thing you’ll need to decide is where you are going to locate your garden. Spend time in your chosen location to get an idea of how much sun and shade it gets each day. Almost all vegies and flowers need about six hours of full sunlight each day.

Another handy hint is to make sure your garden is visible so you can’t ignore its please for attention. Ever heard the saying, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ before?

Having access to a water tap nearby is also worth considering, otherwise you could spend most of your afternoon untangling your hose.

Once you’ve made the all important decision on where to locate your garden you can start clearing the ground and improving the soil. But more on that later.

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